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  1. Room Reservations

    Meeting Rooms Are Now Available to Limited Capacity

    Our Meeting Rooms are Now Available for Reservations :D
  2. 5/12

    Douglas - Teen D.I.Y. Rubber Band Ball.

    A bouncy rubber band ball is an entertaining project. You can use it as a paperweight or just continue adding elastic bands to make the ball grow over the years. There are no limits to what one can do with a rubber band ball!
  3. Orange-Julius

    Douglas - Teen Blender Drink Club: Homemade Orange Julius

    Did you know the Orange Julius was named the official drink of the 1964 New York World's Fair.
  4. The_goldfinch_by_donna_tart

    Glenrock - Adult - Book & Brew: 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt

    From the Publisher: "The Goldfinch is a haunted odyssey through present-day America and a drama of enthralling power. Combining unforgettably vivid characters and thrilling suspense, it is a beautiful, addictive triumph..."
  5. SCVStorytime
  6. Awesome Pod Casts for Kids

    Awesome Podcasts for Curious Kids!

    Here’s a list of great shows to keep kids ages 2 through 6, and their caretakers, occupied. Read on...
  8. NYC Coronavirus

    Free eBooks For Kids About the Coronavirus

    Covid-19 can be scary. Because when we don't know a lot about something our imaginations fill in the blanks making it a lot more scary. The NYC School Library is helping quell this fear by offering free eBooks for children about the coronavirus. Read on...
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