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  1. Make Your Own Ugly Sweater

    Douglas Branch Children's DIY Ugly Sweater Party!

    Don't Have an ugly sweater? No worrie! Join us as we make an ugly sweater for the season, have some treats, and watch a holiday movie. The party is limited to 15 people so please call to sign up! Event is for 3rd-5th graders.
  2. closed for staff meeting on December 6th from 9 am to 11 am

    We'll be closed Dec. 6th from 9 am to 11 am

    We know you want to come visit Your Converse County Library. And we really want to see you too. Alas on December 6th, we'll be closed for a staff meeting, from 9 am to 11 am... I hope there's donuts!
  3. Gingerbread Man Page Art

    Glenrock Branch Book Art Class: Gingerbread Man Design!

    Fold, fold, fold as fast as you can. This time around we'll be folding books into a gingerbread man! Please sign up before the class. Participants will be asked to bring a ruler w/ mm markings, pencil and a craft knife or box cutter.
  4. Christmas Tree Book Art

    Douglas Branch Book Art Class: Christmas Tree Design!

    With just a dash of Christmas magic, we'll be folding books into trees! Please sign up before the class. Participants will be asked to bring a Ruler w/ mm markings, pencil and a craft knife or box cutter.
  5.  Bettman & Halpin

    D & G: Bettman and Halpin: LIVE! "Christmas is a Funny Thing"

    Bettman & Halpin will be spending an evening of musicality, playful banter, vocal harmonies with us. while also sharing captivating stories about the ups, downs, and sideways of the holiday season. In Douglas Branch Dec. 6th & Glenrock Branch Dec 7th.
  6. Picture of a Finished Ornaments Board

    Douglas Branch Artisan Alley Paint and Sip Night: Personalized Ornament Board

    The folks over at Artisan Alley will be join us Tuesday, Dec. 3rd to make a personalized ornament board. We hope you'll join us as this project would make charming addition to your holiday decor, or a cherished gift for someone special.
  7. Yoga

    CCL - Douglas Yoga

    Have you ever tried to mimic the strange positions your cat contorts into? Looked at a pretzel and thought "yeah that looks like it would be comfy"? I know I have! Join us Wednesday mornings for Yoga and get stretchy enough to make a cheese pizza jealous!
  8. Genealogy FamilySearch

    CCL - Douglas Genealogy Workshops with Linda

    Stop in every third Tuesday of the month and join the free Genealogy Workshops! Workshops will be held in the large Meeting room from 7pm - 9pm. Join us to learn more about familysearch.org and other resources.
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