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  1. Room Reservations

    Meeting Rooms Are Now Available to Limited Capacity

    Our Meeting Rooms are Now Available for Reservations :D
  2. 11/13

    Douglas Branch Origami Club

    As a good luck token, Samurais used to present gifts of origami to each other. These were usually a type of ceremonial origami, folded from multiple pieces of paper and presented along with a strip of dried fish or meat, to signify “good wishes”.
  3. The_Cottingley_Secret

    Countywide Book & Brew: "The Cottingley Secret" by Hazel Gaynor

    Join us this month at Natural Bridge park as we Discuss “The Cottingley Secret” by Hazel Gaynor. Registration required.
  4. movienight

    Douglas Branch Teen Movie Night

    Join us on Aug. 6th at the Douglas Branch for Teen Movie Night!
  5. NBA2kTournament

    Glenrock Branch Teen NBK 2k Tournament

    Got some big talk, back it up on the court-- well the virtual court. Join us on Aug 12th for a NBA 2k Tournament and show us your game.
  6. stargazing

    Countywide Stargazing!

    Join us as we go Stargazing at Fort Fetterman!
  7. Horror Club

    Glenrock Branch Teen Horror Club

    Join us at the Glenrock Branch for the teen Horror Club on Aug. 13
  8. Red_Pyramid

    Glenrock Teen Book Club "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan

    Come discuss the latest book read by the teen book club.
  9. SCVStorytime
  11. NYC Coronavirus

    Free eBooks For Kids About the Coronavirus

    Covid-19 can be scary. Because when we don't know a lot about something our imaginations fill in the blanks making it a lot more scary. The NYC School Library is helping quell this fear by offering free eBooks for children about the coronavirus. Read on...
  12. Awesome Pod Casts for Kids

    Awesome Podcasts for Curious Kids!

    Here’s a list of great shows to keep kids ages 2 through 6, and their caretakers, occupied. Read on...
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