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  1. 2020ChocTaste - Jes

    Glenrock Branch Your CCL's Annual Chocolate Tasting Festival!

    Stop by Your CCL's Glenrock Branch Meeting Hall to taste chocolate delights from both professional chefs and home bakers from all over the county. We're also going to hold a scavenger hunt, in your newly remodeled library, for door prizes!
  2. Wyo State Library News Flash Graphic

    We've Got An App For That!

    The WYLDCat and BookMyne™ APPs makes it quick and easy to access Wyoming libraries on the go! Search your library’s catalog, download items, and manage your account, and find suggested reading instantly!
  3. kravmaga

    Glenrock Branch Teen: Krav Maga Self-Defense Class

    Teens join us on January 24th at 6pm for a crash course in a Krav Maga Self-Defense Class
  4. Stone Effigies

    Local Author, James Gaskins, Will be discussing his new book!

    James Gaskins, will discuss his newest book. His book features stones fashioned by early peoples in Wyoming. Many of the stones are nothing short of true works of art, as you will see on January 18th in Glenrock at 10 am & Douglas at 2 pm.
  5. Library will be closed on January 24th until 11 AM

    Library will be closed until 11 AM on January 24th for a Staff Meeting

    If you're wondering why the doors are locked on January 24th, it's because we're making super cool book forts and playing laser tag... or having a staff meeting. We'll be opening our doors at 11 am.
  6. The Greatest Showman

    Glenrock Branch Teens After Hours Movie: The Greatest Showman!

    Growing up, P.T. Barnum displays a natural talent for publicity and promotion. He indulges his limitless imagination, rising from nothing to create the Barnum & Bailey circus. Barnum's mesmerizing spectacle becomes the greatest show on Earth!
  7. Yoga

    CCL - Douglas Yoga

    Have you ever tried to mimic the strange positions your cat contorts into? Looked at a pretzel and thought "yeah that looks like it would be comfy"? I know I have! Join us Wednesday mornings for Yoga and get stretchy enough to make a cheese pizza jealous!
  8. Genealogy FamilySearch

    CCL - Douglas Genealogy Workshops with Linda

    Stop in every third Tuesday of the month and join the free Genealogy Workshops! Workshops will be held in the large Meeting room from 7pm - 9pm. Join us to learn more about familysearch.org and other resources.
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